full art


.Bust Art .........................22$/2200 pts
.Waist Up ........................35$/3500 pts
.Fullbody.......................42$/4200 pts

Ko-Fi doodles

Bust Art
3$ without color

Waist Up Art
6$ without color

Fullbody Art
9$ without color

mini commissions

Mini-Chibi (200x250px)
4$ / 400pts
6$/600 if complex!

Mini-Bust (200x200)
4$ / 400pts



.Fullbody Pixel Arts 18$/1800p
.Icons . 5$(static) 11$ (eye blink)
.Animated Pixel. 25$/2500p+


Chibi Style

Chibi .. .... .... 15$/1500pts
available as custom style

Semi-Chibi Style

available as custom style

organize your form

Extra TypeValueCondition
Complex Background+10$/1000pFor Pixels,Full Arts,- sample
Solid Colors BG+2$/200pFor Full Arts, -sample
Complex Designs+4$/400pask me before commissioning!
''Couple'' of Charactersx2 the price2 characters in the same image (d o not need to be a couple in relationship!)

Before sending your form,consider reading this extra part and T.O.S!

I am OK with
-Muscular Designs + Masculine Men (yes,I can do it-- screams)
-Fat Body(please),Chubby
-Anthros (ask first but most of time is a YES)
-Eldery and Child characters tho!
-Complex Designs (<3)
-Small Ferals (Cats,Bunny,Small Dogs,Fox,etc)
-Ask if unsure!

I am NOT OK with
-Hate Art or any Intolerance content
-Gore (gore-ish like...bloody ,etc, ask ?!)
-Sexualized Minors ?!
-NSFW (Nsfw-ish like underwear and some few light suggestive? poses are okay though!)


Title of Note: [ @yourusername Commission ]

Type of Commission: [ Fullbody Pixel Art, Bust, Etc]

Commission Code: only apply if your commissions are one of the following; - Waist Up,Bust,Fullbody || Chibi or Semi-Chibi (custom inc.)
Character Ref:
1. character 1 link
2. character 2 link
etc if multiple orders!

Basic Personality:
1. character 1 personality
2. character 2 personality

Extra Optional Content ;
[add if there is any Aditional Feature; animation, for example... complexity fee inquiry, background order,etc]

Extra:[ Any extra you want me to know about the character,etc...you can specify the pose,the expression, what you would like to keep me in mind while drawing the character,etc!]
Way of Payment: [ Paypal / Points / Mixed ]

If with Paypal,fill this with your
paypal email: ______________

Price Pre-Estimated: [ ]

This is mostly for multiple orders / more expensive orders!! If you are unsure,please, let your price pre-estimated here, the price you are expecting in base of the extras ,etc!


Chibi Custom
15$ || 20$*

Semi-Chibi Custom
25$ || 35$*

Fullbody Custom
45$ || 55$*

* means the price apply only for complex designs! Semi-Complex designs for Fullbody would be (50$) and Semi-Complex for Semi-Chibi would be (30$) !!


Back+Frontx2 the price+back of designpng file
Item Sheet+2$/200pts+3 items / accessories + pallete----
Add Pets+2$/200pts+1 mini chibi of the pet----
Reference Page+10$/1000poutfit close-up + bust+ item sheet incl.psd +png
+2 amount outfitvalue of the custom x2specify in the form or ask whats needed----

Item Sheet

Reference Page + pet + back,front

Semi-Chibis and Chibis customs always come with transparent bg + white border around the design sometimes , you can ask for the white-ish / white bg when you send me the order form !

Complex Designs
are considered designs with semi and fully heavy armor,layers of clothings, skin/fur (if anthro) markings and a good amount of patterns/accessories (or both), Mythical creatures and Closed Species (certain kinds of them) are considered as complex unless clearly has no marking/complexity traits at all! <3

Example of Simple Design

. common and simpler outfit design

. plain areas (few patterns/stamps)

-basic clothing ( not many layers of clothing! would be considered casual)

-few markings on body/fur (if anthro)

-Most Closed Species and Mythical Creatures would not fit here--

Example of a Semi-Complex/Complex

. more layers of clothing!

.patterns, stamps,accessories attached

.usually , when anthro or even as human, has more markings !!

. Most Closed Species will fit here!!

.light armor / heavy armor


Title of Note:
[ @yourusername Custom ]

Style: [Chibi/Semi-Chibi/Fullbody]

Add-On: y/n and say which one if yes!

Species,if its a MYO, show a proof!:

Gender: [Can be ANY, trans people, androgynous, no gender set up!,etc]

Age Appearance: (no minor looking like an older,mature person,please!)

Body Type- (optional)

Outfit Preference:
[You can put up to 3 labels! ex.cute,elegant,etc!]

Colors Desired-

1. ''Pop Out'' Colors: the color that will be mostly used!!! ex. if you choose pink, the hair , 65~80% of the outfit will be distribuited in pink!

2. Side Colors: the colors that you think that will match the rest of the design!!

new Personality?: apply OR n/a

telling me about your brief idea of the character can help me to put your character into life with expressions!!

Extra (y/n) moodboard,,etc go here! if you want to.
WIPS 1,2 and 3?: yes/no

WIP 1: sketch,WIP 2: lineart,WIP 3: colors

Way of Payment:

[ Paypal / Points / Mixed ]

If with Paypal,fill this with your

paypal email:

Price Pre-Estimated: [ ]

This is the price you're thinking you're paying! Because some may find themselves a little lost on the prices and if you give any error,I will be informing you about the add-on price OR reducing !!!

Terms of Service

Every commission and art got from me is valid under that Terms of Service!Using my art without reading the T.O.S may cause inconveniences for both of us! so please, take a time to read it! <3

General Art Rights
I, as the artist, retain the right to use the commission artwork on my personal sites as a sample of my work and portfolio!
*Private Commissions are available but upon request!

Commissions usually are delivered in a period of 3 days - 1 to 2 months of duration
when the art requires more effort (multiple commissions, per example) you can expect a little longer than 2 weeks!

-Depending of any icident, health problems, I will be contacting any commissioner as soon as possible to give updates!!!!

General art tos

-You may use my art as icon,pagedoll, when commissioned or of a design owned by you,

-Credits are encouraged especially on DA,TH and Twitter!

-DO NOT claim my art like it was made by you!

-You may print, make charms of my art for personal usage ,never for commercial purpose.

DO NOT remove my signature!
-DO NOT use my art for hate/intolerance

-Commissions orders are non refundable , but I will give you a refund if I can't finish the order!

-Partial Refunds when there is a problem of quality of my part , I will notice that and contact you about it!

You will receive only a png.file and/ or psd. file in some cases , no physical items are sent!
-You may only repost my art on Toyhouse, ,similar sites of character hub, and Sta.sh with the proper credit! But feel free to tag me at Twitter with your commission work I haven`t posted too if you would like to share! (but tag me,please)


T.O.S for Resell/Trade/Gifting

-You may resell my designs by the same price you got or lower, if there is commissioned work you may resell for the price of commission + design!

-Trading and Gifting my designs are always OK!!! When first traded, they can only be traded after that moment.

T.O.S for Commercial Usage

-You may not use my art for commercial use. but the design itself can be used for commercial use

1.in that case, credit is a MUST.
2.commercial usage includes webcomic, promo videos, etc

Editing the Design!

-You may create new outfits or/and do small edits in the clothing/accessories in general freely, go wild <3, just let the character recognizable!!

-You may change the character traits, hairstyle and small things such as adding a beauty mark`, glasses...even adding scars, =0 go wild into additional traits...

-But you CANNOT drastically change skin tone of the design! You can change the color of the skin to darker freely, at your comfort but no whitewash, please ,it makes me uncomfortable!

Go wild story-wise! Its your character, after all!